Welcome to MWO Lone Wolf Support Website!


As pilots under the Lone Wolf banner started gathering and discussing what to do, we formed The Lone Wolf Support Website. There were several "Lone Wolf" sites (not related to MWO), so we went with Ronin-Kensei.com and advertise as a Support group for fellow MWO Lone Wolfs.


 MWO lore tells a story of a group that ran as Lone Wolves but we are far from that, especially now.


350+ strong, averaging 20 Pilots on TS each day

And a Win ratio - that is actually impressive.


We are not a Formal Unit, MercCorp, or such....

We are Single Mech Pilots running in packs of our choosing.

We offer NO Leadership, NO Ranks, NO Drama.


Our Forums offer advice from many very Experienced pilots, on Mechs, Mech Tactics, and Mech Load-outs.


We are the Lone Wolfs


*Note: Forum and TeamSpeak discussions can be rated up to NC17+ if you are under the age of 16 be aware this is a mature and adult environment and discussions will be had that vary greatly in topic. See the forum posts for guidelines regarding behavior.